Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are continually striving for harmony within the body. Yin energy is earth energy and Yang energy is Heaven’s or energy from the sun. Yin and Yang are mutually interdependent while creating, controlling, consuming and transforming each other. During the day, the body is active and warmer-yang and resting and cooler-yin at night. During sleep, yang energy moves inward turning to yin, which then rests and nourishes the body. Note how we need a blanket at night. Also realize how much more energy we have during the day when we sleep better at night. To harmonize with nature, be active during the daylight and sleep when it’s dark.

Yin Yang
dark light
cold hot
feminine masculine
receptive creative
passive active
soft hard
shadow bright
cooling heating
calming invigorating
grounding uplifting
retaining releasing
nourishing energizing
moistening drying

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