How to Protect Yourself

I have the question, “How do I protect myself from negative energy?” asked of me quite frequently by clients and therapists. The only way I know how is by practicing an ancient style of chi gong that I was taught, especially every day. The practice creates a protective shield around your body and grounds you to the Earth while connecting to the Divine. By the way, Jesus Christ was the best exorcist ever, so ask for his help. It also helps to have a protective animal spirit as well. You should have knowledge of where negative energy attacks. Daoist holistic energy theory of the body, mind, and spirit has explicit understanding of where the evils attack. The attack usually leaves a person zapped and confused. Recognition of where it came from is the first step. Sage, frankincense and myrrh are good too. Lately I found a good church that burns them during the service, its cleansing. Oh yeah don’t forget the crystals. This is something that has to be taught in person. Contact me for more info.

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