Mission Support and Contact

Our Worldwide Mission

  • To teach that one’s life should be led by spiritual guidance and kept vital through cultivation of energy.
  • Seeking those whose spirits are in need of help
  • Living simply and harmonizing with nature


We do need your help to help others in need. Jesus told his disciples to only accept food and shelter for payment of healing. In that spirit, we gladly accept donations of food, especially brown rice and black beans, and funds for a yurt. Rose cooks a nourishing dish of brown rice with cardamon and smoky black beans cooked in a cast iron pan, which we share with others. The yurt provides an intimate healing space and travels well as a mobile home. We can always use linen, cotton, leather and wool in order to make clothing and other things. These are necessary so we can travel freely and to bring our healing to more people. Thank you! Jesse Larson & Rose Polchowne


Presently abiding at 775 Monroe St , Missoula, Montana 59802-3757

Please help us in our mission with the purchase of our holy oil.

Jesus and Mary healing oil final



Donations accepted through Paypal by clicking here.

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