Jesus and Shamans

Several of the people whom I had the pleasure of helping, said that I was doing work that was similar to Jesus Christ. Well I had not been to church-raised Catholic- since I was 18. At that time I was totally immersed into anything that would explain what I was dealing with. My first source was always from a doctor who was trained in China in ancient daoist mysticism, Jerry Alan Johnson. I also began to read about Jesus performing healing and exorcism. The stories were totally relevant and helped explain a lot of spiritual occurrences. Then I read about the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene. Sources have detailed the many instances of Mary Magdalene and Jesus working together exorcising bad spirits. Then along came Rose. She had such deep knowledge of nutrition and especially herbs used in healing salves and ointments. Its was only destiny that we would work together.

One day Rose told me about Jerry Alan Johnson referencing the research done by Jesuit missionaries working in China between 16th and 19th centuries on Daoist mysticism and how his understanding had profoundly deepened from reading their manuscripts. Coincidently, Rose was homeschooled under a Jesuit Catholic program and we had just moved to Missoula and from my interest, began attending a Jesuit church. My first mass I attended the priest spoke of a gospel where Jesus’ disciples were complaining about another person who performed exorcism in his name but was not a disciple. Jesus said that they should accept his work. I thought the message was for me because my background was not church taught. Then the priest spoke of accepting people who practice Eastern religion. How interesting! Afterwards Rose taught me all about the Jesuit missionaries in China. So I was amazed when I came across this Catholic Church in Taiwan whose parishioners practice shamanism. ‘The end of World War II and the following years saw a mass migration of religious communities from mainland China as Communist persecution began to take effect. One peculiarity of Catholicism in Taiwan lies in its links with practices of Shamanism. These Shamanic practices are called Wushu 巫術 in Chinese'(wikipedia).


Jesus and Mary healing oil final

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