Adventures at the Airport-part 3

When you are flying ‘standby’, sometimes you have to wait the whole day to fly because there is no guarantee that there is a seat with your name on it. Its pretty boring to have to wait all day so you try to find something to kill time. I would ride the moving walkway up and down many times, even walking backwards to help that clock speed along. So there I am, last flight of the day and they gave me a spot on that plane. I think I was 18 at the time. Around the corner appeared this two elderly people. He was tall and overweight and she was much shorter and not too slim either. It looked they had walked the whole way instead of taking the easy moving walkway because his face was beat red. She makes a right turn into the lady’s room and he started to walk right towards me. But then it turned for the absolute worst. He grabs for his heart and collapses face first into the floor. Im cringing right now thinking of the sound it made. I mean he was tall and he really just fell over like a fallen tree. Poor guy! Just then, these two people sitting adjacent to me right in the middle, jumped up and started performing CPR on this guy. Just happen that one was a doctor and the other a paramedic. Although what happened in the next 30 minutes Im not sure whether that guy was lucky or not. He had died. His jaw had been broken and they had to give him a karate chop to get it open again. I really don’t have a strong stomach for that. After beating on his chest a few times, he became conscious and let out this horrendous scream. They tried yelling at him to tell him what happen to get him to calm down or something. It didn’t matter because he died again. More beating and breathing and he wakes again screaming. This went on a few more times. I couldn’t take it. This was not like the movies. How many times have you seen a movie where they are trying to resuscitate someone and when they can’t bring them back to life, they give up after maybe a minute? Thats not real at all. These people working on him were so dedicated and motivated to bring him back to life, even with all the gut-wrenching screams. Ok 5 minutes later, and this lady, who was with him, comes out of the bathroom. She was oblivious to what was going down. There is a crowd around the man on the floor and she starts yelling and calling-I won’t say his name for his sake- over and over again. She notices him on the ground and screams at him, “What are doing on the floor ….? Actually I had to laugh. I exited into the guys bathroom to get some air and water. 10 minutes had passed and they still couldn’t keep that guy alive. I was like, because he was in so much pain like I had never seen, to just let him go, but obviously I don’t work in the ER. By 15 minutes, the paramedics arrived. These guys had some real machinery-the electric stun gun paddles. Real crazy stuff! His mouth was rigged open and they yelled ‘clear!’ as they gave him a jolt. His body jumped and down and again some more screams and they kept at it. I think they were able to give some painkiller because he wasn’t yelling so loud anymore. Wow after 25 minutes, he was finally stabilized. We got the call to board and that was the last I saw of him. Obviously he missed his flight but had lived. I thought how amazing it was that it didn’t happen on the airplane.

Last thought, don’t die at the airport because they might not handle your remains with any dignity. One time when I was working at the airport, a guy died enroute just before landing and they left his body in a baggage cart most of the night. It was kind of creepy just knowing that there was a man dead in the cart where you were working. When I clocked out at 11pm, he was still out there. I couldn’t believe that no one had picked his body up! read part 1 here

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