Eyes in the back of your head

Have you wondered about when someone, say a teacher or your parent, saw you doing something, perhaps something wrong, when their back was turned to you? I had an incident that saved me from injury one time.

Back in high school, the day was over and I had just walked out the doors to catch the bus home. I was walking alone, minding my own business. I was about 20 steps away from the door and I heard the door that I just come out open real fast. I didn’t think much of it except it sounded like whoever was in a hurry. I expected to hear running footsteps but I didn’t. All of sudden my instinct tells me to duck, in other words bend over quickly. Flying over me came this kid who I know didn’t like me. He had tried to jump me from behind and hit the sidewalk pretty hard. As he was laying face down, I stepped on his ankle because that was my next step. There was this moment of anger that arose in me and I wanted to punch him. However, I saw that I had him pinned to the ground and the situation was over, so I didn’t. I just kept on walking.  Probably the both of us were stunned about what happened. How did I know that he was going to jump me? I felt pretty lucky. I did hurt his ankle because he limped away. Interestingly, he never bothered me again.

I have never forgot this situation. For many years I was unhappy with myself that I wasted a perfect opportunity to punch this kid who hated me. However, I learned to let the anger go and realize that I was blessed that nothing happened. Then one day my teacher at the college of oriental medicine, informed me that we have eyes in the back of our heads. There are two almond sized indentations in the back of the skull. Nerves from the eyes in the front of your head actually go to the back of your skull. Anatomically, it looks possible. I thought back to my situation, could this have been the reason why I knew to duck?

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