How the Tao brought me back to Jesus

Some who read this site might be wondering how I can be talking about taoism and christianity at the same time. In fact I can hardly believe it myself. If I could step back 5 years ago, I probably would not even want to read any of this because I was not into both of these philosophies.

However, being healed by a Chinese doctor who practiced chi gong, an ancient taoist healing energy work, really inspired me to learn more about Taoism. Because Taoism doesn’t preach, I could learn without anyone telling me what to think about it. I did not have to attend classes or buy the latest fashions. The mysticism illustrates the design of the cosmos so simply, its beautiful with God creating yin&yang, which is feminine and masculine energy. These energies, prevalent in everything and everyone, provide a connection with the whole cosmos. Learning the way is to live in harmony with nature because we are part of nature.

I would learn to heal as I had been healed. I studied everything I could get my hands on to understand the Taoist science of medicine, which is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I realized that this doctor could feel the pain and dysfunction in the people he worked on. The fact that we couldn’t speak each other’s language aided in developing my intuition and feeling, in other words, I began to feel what he was feeling. Being an empath to begin was helpful too. Other chinese doctors at this school did not encourage me in these efforts besides him. Interestingly, they were converted Christians. Except for my teacher, who was Christian as well. Did you know that thousands of Chinese are converted to Christianity every day? Neither did I!  They thought I was doing witchdoctor stuff. However, exorcism was performed in China for thousands of years and still is. Having red hair made me laugh when I found out they called these exorcists redheads. Do you know that they found an ancient site in China with mummies having red hair? The one lady looked just like my sister who has red hair.

It was never my intention to do spirit work, I just wanted to help people with injuries. Well with injuries, often there are traumas involved that change peoples lives, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I was familiar with that myself, having had that from an abusive childhood and several car accidents and concussions. People started to see me for deeper reasons than injuries. They might be inflicted with a bad spirit. Yes I didn’t believe in those things earlier either but from my experiences, they are real. The only place I could learn how to deal with such entities was from knowledge of Taoist mysticism.

Strangely though, several of the people I worked on told me I was doing the work of Jesus Christ. I had been as a child interested in Jesus because of the ideas of non-judgment and being good to others. As I grew up, however, I became disenchanted by what I felt was hypocrisy of the church and other christians. They were not any different than the material world. I wanted to shout to stop preaching to me, stop judging me and stop trying to save me. Jesus said that his favorites were children because they hadn’t become tarnished by the world. Taoist scripts mention the same, that our spirit when we are children are closer to our original spirits, possessing the true divine intention, before we age and become materialistic.

Through my readings, I discovered first the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, a gnostic transcript lost for almost two millennia. I learned that Jesus exorcised Mary of 7 demons. Interestingly, Taoist scripts state that there are 7 demons that can afflict the human body. I was amazed that I understood the healings of Jesus because I understood Taoist mysticism. My story with my gal has similarities. I have protected her from bad people with bad spirits.

Then it happened, after being compelled to attend church for the first time since I was young, the first sermon was about the disciples complaining to Jesus about someone else doing exorcism in his name. They were upset because they didn’t ‘attend the right training’, however, this person was having more success than them. I think the person had been saved by Jesus in so doing, had more faith through direct experience. Then, all of a sudden, there Jesus was, standing in an aisle to my right, motioning for me to follow him. I could see a woman standing behind him. How could I resist? I saw this in my minds eye but was real at the same time. I didn’t have my eyes closed.

From the moment that I promised God that I would heal others several years ago, which would lead to me being healed by the Chinese doctor, to looking back to right before the car accident that would change my life, when I wondered what I should be doing with my life because I thought there was something more to this, I knew I was called to be on a mission. This mission has culminated in my collusion with my gal Rose, in bringing back the healing oil of frankincense and myrrh, in order to remind those who have lost their way, to awaken their spiritual connection to Jesus.


Jesus and Mary healing oil final


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