Cold Weather tips for better health

The cold weather is moving in again. Our bodies adjust to and are affected by the change in season. Staying healthy during the winter is important. There are ways to avoid getting sick. Stay and dress warm. Eat and drink warm foods.   You should drink hot fluids after eating. Hot water with ginger, honey and cinnamon is good. The body expends a lot of energy to warm up those cold drinks that you might consume. Avoid ice cream! The worst thing you can do is walk out with a wet head after showering in the morning. If you get sick, try to rest and take time off. Your body needs time and energy to fight the bug. Plus you don’t want to pass on what you have. Who wants to see their sick friend at school or work? Lastly, try not to get stressed out. Stress is the biggest factor in lower immunity. Who hasn’t gotten sick after suffering from a stress attack? Plus keep your energy up and don’t work or play too hard. Ok enjoy the season and good health to you!

A stimulating and warming rub, deeply aromatic and perfect for cold and flu treatment. Try our Eucalyptus salve.


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