Frankincense(ru xiang) and Myrrh(mo yao)

Frankincense and Myrrh have a well-known history together going back to ancient times. These are some good reasons why. Frankincense is yang(masculine) in nature, relative of the element fire and the Sun. This sacred incense is used for consecration, exorcism and protection. When burned, it releases a mist of energy that dispells all evil and negativity. Myrrh is yin(feminine) in nature, relative of the water element and the Moon. This sacred incense is used for purification, blessing and healing. When burned, Myrrh purifies and increases the energy of an area, filling it with peace, healing, and blessings.

Utilized in Chinese medicine, these two will move blood and qi, relieve pain, reduce swelling and promote healing, especially of the skin.

The yin and yang qualitites of frankincense and myrrh are perfect symbols of the healing work of Jesus and Mary Magladene. The masculine exorcises and protects, while the feminine heals and blesses. Together they create a powerful energy for the restoration and protection of body and soul. The rich aroma awakens and calms our spirit. This blend is really good for lifting your spirits during the winter blues.

Jesus and Mary healing oil final

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