Hey Jesse & Rose

Hey Jesse and Rose,
Been reading your blog this morning.
I feel like I had been to the best church sermon of my life. I felt humbled and exhalted at the same time.
Jesse, when you and Rose collided it seems an explosion of creativity and benevolence ensued.
You and Rose’s ‘Jesus and Mary’ is to Mark and my ‘Calvin and Hobbes’, Haha!
I am blown away!
Reading  your work has reaffirmed my belief all along that you are extraordinary!
To be witness to your transformation of becoming what you were called to be, an instructor of enrichment especially to sick, lost or confused spirits, accompanied by your empowering twin flame, is all I ever wish for you.
If I had a million dollars I’d give it all to you to keep this transendence going.You both have gifts that are a must to share.
Your photos and the dragon design and all your knowledge, all I love.
I know it’s not about you two but it is.I see a beautiful thing here beyond decription. How else would I be inspired to write this?
Your path is enlightened! Go forth with care and know you’re loved. – joan

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