Christmas Lights for Your Eyes

Once I lived in San Diego and I was sitting by the ocean on the boardwalk when I noticed this young man looking peculiar who was walking by. He glanced at everyone who was sitting on the wall until he got to me. As he stopped and gazed at me he said, ‘Christmas lights for your eyes.” I said “what?”

“Christmas lights for your eyes!

“Acid man, do you want some LSD?”

Well I don’t have any acid for the people reading this, but I do have some great psychedelic photos of Christmas lights Ive taken! Enjoy

Christmas spiral-1


christmas tree-1Our Christmas Tree!


Night Owl in the Winter

Original Art by Jesse Larson

I discovered these images using longer exposures and manipulating all of the camera’s functions, exposing the energy of nature.

Manifest Energy
Manifest Energy
I See the Light
I See the Light
Fall Reflection
Fall Reflection
Tree Dimension
Tree Dimension

Postcards $5

For information on sizes and pricing, and to place orders for cards, prints or canvas, please email Jesse at Prices start at $39 for a 8X10. Orders can be paid through paypal. Thanks for your support! All images on this website are original and copyright protected.

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