Star of Bethlehem


Through understanding of Chinese Astrology and recent discoveries about the year of his birth, I have uncovered a revelation about the personality of Jesus Christ.

According to Colin Humphreys, a British physicist and Director of Research at Cambridge University, the star of Bethlehem was recorded by Chinese scientists during the Han Dynasty. It was actually a comet flying by in the year 5 BC. The Han Dynasty had their eye on the sky for an auspicious event because of worry of being overthrown. Ive read it was quite possible for the 3 wisemen to be from China, as emissaries were sent out following the path of the comet. During that time, there was a route available thats known as the silk road. Its tradition in China to give newborns gold, and frankincense and myrrh are good for a woman’s skin after childbirth. What I figured out on my own is that 5 BC was an auspicious year for the Chinese as it was the Year of the Fire Dragon.

Dragons, in our western society, represent evil. However, according to Shelly Wu, Chinese Astrologer, dragons in Chinese culture are symbolic of mystery, vitality and the universe. Of all the signs of the Chinese Zodiac, the dragon is the most influential and has the greatest power. While the other signs are common animals, the dragon is mythical and otherworldly. It is in their nature to shine above all else, having amazing intuition and unpredictability. At birth, occurrences in the environment such as inclement weather and celestial phenomenon can have a strong influence in their life. They are out-spoken and “feel they have been granted authority by divine right.” They are strong, resolute and determined. They will be and like to be called upon when events need divine guidance and will triumph over impossible situations. They are visionary, prophetic dreamers with utopian ideas. They give their all, in essence sacrifice themselves for a cause. The element of fire adds additional power to this sign, enhancing eloquence of speech, and the gifts of performing and story-telling. A fire dragon is natural born leader and very strong willed.

Susan Levitt states that dragons are a symbol of royalty, guardians of temples and magical beings. For thousands of years, dragons have been revered and held most sacred. ” A person born in a Dragon year is blessed by the gods.” Fire dragons are the most powerful sign of all. This is the type of person who changes the world.

Jesus and Mary healing oil final


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