On Star Wars

After watching the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I had to make a comment about talk from critics that said the future female Jedi apprentice, Rey, had acquired her skills too quickly and without training. Speaking from experience, there is more than one way of obtaining knowledge of the force or chi than traditional training. Sometimes a person undergoes traumatic experiences that open up abilities to perceive the spirit and energetic worlds. Shaman and wounded healer immediately come to mind. In the film, we get a glimpse of her past and it looks very traumatic. Another possibility is the direct knowledge of the dark world from personal attacks. She gets mind controlled by the new dark lord and she probably unknown to herself prior, has the ability to fight back, learning in the process. This is something that is most poignant, what does not destroy you only makes you stronger and gives a deeper understanding of how the dark side operates.

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