Empath ~ Learning About the Gift

Empath – Learning About the Gift

Growing up with this sensitivity towards everything, I didn’t realize that not everyone

‘felt’ the same way. I couldn’t figure out why I was so different. Then I met this chi gong

master who taught me about emotions in the human body. Based on ancient Daoist

theory, emotions and a person’s history are stored in the organs and tissues. This stems

from the view of energy, that we are are energy and everything in the universe is

energy. I find that when I work on people my diagnosis usually comes from emotional

disharmony. I also feel their pain directly in my body.

Luckily, there has been research on what is known as ‘empaths’. I really identified with

this concept. However, the Daoist theory explains to me how energy flows and congeals

which helped me understand what I was feeling. Lets not forget too the conscious

directive of energy. The phrase of ‘body mind spirit’ overlooks the common link of

energy. What you are feeling is not just in your head!

Peppermint Rose Lip Balm for Empaths
Peppermint Rose Lip Balm for Empaths

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