Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and ancient Daoism

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According to the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Jesus said that everyone and everything is universally connected. This was new to me. In reading this gospel, I discovered amazing similarities between the teachings of Jesus Christ and the ancient philosophy of of Daoism.

Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

page 7

  1. What is matter?
  2. Will it last forever?
  3. The Teacher answered
  4. ‘All that is born, all that is created
  5. all the elements of nature
  6. are interwoven and united with each other
  7. all that is composed shall be decomposed
  8. everything returns to its roots
  9. matter returns to the origins of matter
  10. those who have ears, let them hear’
  11. Peter said to him, “since you have become the interpreter
  12. of the elements and the events of the world, tell us
  13. what is the sin of the world?’
  14. The Teacher answered,
  15. ‘There is no sin
  16. It is you who make sin exist
  17. when you act according to the habits
  18. of your corrupted nature
  19. this is where sin lies
  20. This why the Good has come into your midst
  21. It acts together with the elements of your nature
  22. so as to reunite it with its roots’
  23. then he continued
  24. ‘This is why you become sick
  25. and why you die
  26. it is the result of your actions
  27. what you do takes you further away
  28. those who have ears, let them hear.’

page 8

  1. ‘Attachment to matter
  2. gives rise to passion against nature
  3. thus trouble arises in the whole body
  4. this is why I tell you
  5. ‘Be in harmony…’
  6. If you are out of balance
  7. take inspiration from manifestations
  8. of your true nature.
  9. Those who have ears
  10. let them hear.
  11. After saying this, the Blessed One
  12. greeted them all, saying
  13. ‘Peace be with you–may my Peace
  14. arise and be fulfilled with in you!’

Now compare this to the conversation held 3000 years before with the Yellow Emperor of China, Huang Di and his chief medical advisor, Chi Bo.

“I’ve heard that in the days of old everyone lived one hundred years without showing the usual signs of aging. In our time, however, people age prematurely, living only fifty years. Is this due to a change in the environment, or is it because people have lost the correct way of life?”

Qi Bo replied, “In the past, people practiced the Tao, the Way of Life. They understood the principle of balance as represented by the transformations of the energies of the universe. They formulated exercises to promote energy flow to harmonize themselves with the universe. They ate a balanced diet at regular times, arose and retired at regular hours, avoided overstressing their bodies and minds, and refrained from overindulgence of all kinds. They maintained well-being of body and mind; thus, it is not surprising that they lived over one hundred years.”

“These days, people have changed their way of life. They drink wine as though it were water, indulge excessively in destructive activities, drain their jing – the body’s essence that is stored in the Kidneys – and deplete their chi. They do not know the secret of conserving their energy and vitality. Seeking emotional excitement and momentary pleasures, people disregard the natural rhythm of the universe. They fail to regulate their lifestyle and diet, and sleep improperly. So it is not surprising that they look old at fifty and die soon after.”

Jerry Alan Johnson writes in Energetic Anatomy and Physiology, “all things in nature and, in fact, all things are intrinsically woven together so that we are quite literally, all symbiotically one with the universe through the system of chi(qi).” p3.

I would say that the knowledge of the nature of the universe is eternal and both of these teachings are a reminder to live in harmony with the natural order of God’s creation.

please read the rest of the conversation of the Yellow Emperor because it describes the life of a sage, possibly Jesus Christ      Universal Truth       and this blog as well to understand more about matter and energy   matter-energy-spirit


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From The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (the Neijing Suwen) ~240 B.C. translated by Maoshing Ni, Shambala Publications.