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Our Worldwide Mission

  • To teach that one’s life should be led by spiritual guidance and kept vital through cultivation of energy.
  • Seeking those whose spirits are in need of help
  • Living simply and harmonizing with nature


We do need your help to help others in need. Jesus told his disciples to only accept food and shelter for payment of healing. In that spirit, we gladly accept donations of food, especially brown rice and black beans, and funds for a yurt. Rose cooks a nourishing dish of brown rice with cardamon and smoky black beans cooked in a cast iron pan, which we share with others. The yurt provides an intimate healing space and travels well as a mobile home. We can always use linen, cotton, leather and wool in order to make clothing and other things. These are necessary so we can travel freely and to bring our healing to more people. Thank you! Jesse Larson & Rose Polchowne


Presently abiding at 775 Monroe St , Missoula, Montana 59802-3757

Please help us in our mission with the purchase of our holy oil.

Jesus and Mary healing oil final



Donations accepted through Paypal by clicking here.


Welcome to Spiral Dragons Daoist Center for Transformation

We are practitioners of the ancient healing arts of Tui-na, Chi Gong, Astrology and Feng Shui. Our mission of healing stems from the Daoist concepts of living in harmony with nature and striving to balance the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energies by honoring them as unique, complimentary and inseparable.

We bring healing directly to our clients through the hands-on therapy of Tui-na; the physical, energetic and spiritual practice of Chi Gong; the realization of identity and health strategies based on personal astrology and physical constitution; and by providing good energy flow in home and life through Feng Shui.

As part of our healing mission we emphasize the importance of teaching others our practices, thus enabling them to take charge of their own health, the only means to true and lasting wellness.

Jesse’s story “How Chinese Theraputic Massage Reclaimed My Life” (page 3 of newsletter) recounts how Chi Gong and Tui-na helped him overcome chronic debilitating pain sustained in an auto accident, and details his training as apprentice to Master Zhang. Since completing his training, Jesse has treated over 1,000 patients, specializing in traumatic injury.

Please sit and savor a cup of tea as you browse our services and products, view our photography, and follow our adventures through our blog. Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment.

What is tui na?

The ancient daoist term for the art of healing is called tui na. This means the pushing and pulling away of dysfunction which is accomplished by the stimulation of energetic points and meridians, the balancing of yin and yang, and the promotion of the flow of chi and blood.

According to the Yellow Emperor of China over 5,000 years ago, tui na is the oldest of all healing techniques. There is evidence that tui na was practiced over 13,000 years ago. The ancient daoists observed that when people are in pain, they instinctively grasp themselves where they hurt. This became the basis for tui na, in turn developing into many healing manipulations. I personally witness this same instinctive phenomenon. When people describe their pain or are asked what is bothering them, quite often they touch the area of pain unconsciously.

This practice is not to be confused with Swedish or western types of massage, which are interpretations originating from tui na. The purpose of tui na is to move energy-chi. Those I work on feel more energized and lighter because their chi is flowing properly throughout their bodies, their minds are calmer and clearer, and they are more connected to their spirits.

Over time, stone implements and needles were used to stimulate the energetic points and meridians. This would become a specialized technique called acupuncture. I am able to use my fingers instead, as in the original practice of tui na.

This practice is a holistic, whole family treatment. Tui na can treat infants, children, adults, men and women, pregnant women, the elderly.

What makes my practice unique is the way I combine the energetic healing of chi gong with a hands-on approach to chinese medicine theories. Using all my senses, including extra-sensory perception, I can detect the different energies of the body, quite often associated with emotions in diagnosing dysfunction. Through the use of my hands, I am more personally involved and connected to those I treat and thus able to effect deeper healing.

How to Protect Yourself

I have the question, “How do I protect myself from negative energy?” asked of me quite frequently by clients and therapists. The only way I know how is by practicing an ancient style of chi gong that I was taught, especially every day. The practice creates a protective shield around your body and grounds you to the Earth while connecting to the Divine. By the way, Jesus Christ was the best exorcist ever, so ask for his help. It also helps to have a protective animal spirit as well. You should have knowledge of where negative energy attacks. Daoist holistic energy theory of the body, mind, and spirit has explicit understanding of where the evils attack. The attack usually leaves a person zapped and confused. Recognition of where it came from is the first step. Sage, frankincense and myrrh are good too. Lately I found a good church that burns them during the service, its cleansing. Oh yeah don’t forget the crystals. This is something that has to be taught in person. Contact me for more info.