On Star Wars

After watching the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I had to make a comment about talk from critics that said the future female Jedi apprentice, Rey, had acquired her skills too quickly and without training. Speaking from experience, there is more than one way of obtaining knowledge of the force or chi than traditional training. Sometimes a person undergoes traumatic experiences that open up abilities to perceive the spirit and energetic worlds. Shaman and wounded healer immediately come to mind. In the film, we get a glimpse of her past and it looks very traumatic. Another possibility is the direct knowledge of the dark world from personal attacks. She gets mind controlled by the new dark lord and she probably unknown to herself prior, has the ability to fight back, learning in the process. This is something that is most poignant, what does not destroy you only makes you stronger and gives a deeper understanding of how the dark side operates.

Why Energy and Spirit are Important

We really reduce our understanding of all that is when the acknowledgment of energy and spirit are left out of the equation. Our existence becomes meaningless because we can’t explain things energetically or spiritually. Somehow because science needs a machine to measure things and that the human body and mind, which is the most sophisticated detecting system as we know, supposed can’t be relied upon. There is no point then of talking morality either because everything is just matter and has no spirit. The beauty of creation came to be by some obscure chemical reaction? The attractive energy between men and women does not exist either, but how can they explain when we can’t take our eyes off one another?

Here is another subject: the depiction of the earth circling the sun is about as stone age as it gets. The sun is constantly in motion. The path of the earth around the sun is actually a spiral. Our earth will never pass the same spot over again. In fact, the whole galaxy is moving. Imagine a big slinky, you know that spiral toy. That is the path of the earth and all the other planets as well. The moons path around the earth is a spiral too. check out this video

Death of Tom Sawyer

Death of Tom Sawyer

Today, the character of Tom Sawyer, the restless, curious, and creative boy, whose adventures on the Mississippi River have intrigued me my whole life, is under threat from the negative labeling of children with ADD/ADHD and then supressing them with drugs so they can conform and behave. I thank God they didnt have those labels when I went to school. Sure it was difficult with the boredom and restlessness and I was constantly in trouble for being me with no threat to anyone else. However, I would not have become the person I am now with that discrimination.

Mark Twain, the author and his character, Tom, both had red hair, like myself. Having red hair makes one extra-sensitive. Im also the red-haired step-child just like Tom. His aunt Polly, in a movie presentation, sings out her heart over how futile it is to tame Tom. Lucky for us she didnt have any medications to sedate him. Goodbye classic!!!

Yes, I moved alot, had drug and alcohol problems and relationship issues, many near death experiences, but I kept on searching for a better way to calm me down. The first solution came with the abstinence of wheat and milk. At the time, I must have sustained the dairy industry with my milk addiction. Wow, did I eat alot of pizza which is nothing but cardboard and glue. I went through withdrawal like coming off drugs when I quit those. Then I noticed my hayfever dissipated. What a relief!! The second solution came when I discovered Chinese medicine. Acupuncture gave my mind a break. My first treatment saved my life when I had an acute hayfever reaction. No more wheezing and sneezing, thankyou! I would keep regular sessions after that. During future treatments, I began to notice or feel energy sensations moving through my body. These two solutions really made a huge difference. Later, I have abstained from coffee and alcohol too. I switched to a chinese green tea called Goddess of Mercy(tikwanyin) tea and kombucha, also an ancient chinese beverage.

Redheads, like Mark Twain,Tom Sawyer and myself, especially if you have redhair and blue eyes like me, fall into a less than 1% of the total population. Are redheads a race in itself-perhaps? My life, like Tom’s has been observing culture. I heard from a narrative on Mark Twain, that when he, in his real life, was working on a steamboat, his captain could recite, orally, whole stories of Shakespeare while traveling up and down the Mississippi. Tom Sawyer because of his adventure and not staying in school, gives us a unique picture of America from his observations. I read Tom Sawyer as a kid and then when I was studying American culture in college, was intriqued again by the studying of Mark Twain. Having red hair I believe has given me an outside-inside look into cultures, being accepted by all ethnicities that I have encountered. I get along with the homeless as well, they probably have that damn label ADD/ADHD too.

Its more of a blessing than a curse. Being who I am, Ive learned about the energy world by being mesmerized by falling snow flakes, shimmering light on the water and golden leaves shaking in the wind and falling in a spiral motion gently received by the earth. My life’s purpose finally came to me after 5 eagles circled me one day, hitting me with their shadows. Only a person with hyper-vigilance of their environment and being different would notice and think of communicating with animals. To my amazement, Rose too, spotted an eagle that told her to bring me a necklace, after which we went on our first date.

Ive read about studies in China where they cured ADD with herbs. (chinese herbal treatments for ADD) While studying at a Chinese school of medicine, I was able to experiment with those formulas and found they really helped me alot. Attention deficit might be diagnosed in traditional chinese medicine in one example, as yin-deficient heat or fire-well at least thats what I have. The body is balanced by yin and yang. Yin energy is cooling and nourishing, and yang is heating and active. When there is a deficiency in the cooling, the heat is going to be excessive, leading to, as with me, a hyperactivity. So you nourish the yin to calm the yang. Tuina, which includes acupressure, and is able to be used on children because needles are usually not administered to children, can really calm. This type of of massage is energetic. The method I was taught is holistic, meaning I work with the body, mind, and spirit.

I ended up embracing the whole concept of Chinese Medicine which is founded on ancient daoist practices, such as tui na hands-on healing, chi gong energy work, the Yi Ching divination system that can be applied to medicine, feng shui for enhancing your environment, daoist astrology(chinese) for understanding yourself better and aiding your health too. All of these concepts are founded around the concept of energy(qi) and the balance of yin and yang. Many therapeutic practitioners are into so many things that have no connection whatsoever. Its too distracting for me.

Everything I had been through spiralled together when I met the man who healed me(read miracle). Especially because I learned to heal with my hands. I have been able to apply my life’s experiences and knowledge to my healing in order to help people. It helps to relate to those you help. Ive worked with children and they are most sensitive to energy in their body. One child with red hair I worked with had empathed his mother’s condition and it caused problems with him.  read my article on empaths

Never having been one to sit still for meditation, I found that chi gong (qigong) because its a moving meditation is great because I can practice in and have a connection to nature. Im 48 and feel better than I ever have thanks to the practice of chi gong. My teacher passed down to me a holistic ancient practice that is great for everyone. Its my duty to pass it along.

Kids like us need more experiential learning. In other words, being physically involved in the learning process. The school days of my youth were a nightmare having to sit still for hours on end. Returning to college in my 30’s, I was hailed by my professors and not kicked out of classes for talking because I was able to communicate my life’s experiences with respect to the subject at hand. Nowadays, practicing chi gong  and self-tuina every day helps keep me calm.  I am lucky to find an occupation that allows me to travel because Im still like Tom Sawyer, looking for another adventure.

What is tui na?

The ancient daoist term for the art of healing is called tui na. This means the pushing and pulling away of dysfunction which is accomplished by the stimulation of energetic points and meridians, the balancing of yin and yang, and the promotion of the flow of chi and blood.

According to the Yellow Emperor of China over 5,000 years ago, tui na is the oldest of all healing techniques. There is evidence that tui na was practiced over 13,000 years ago. The ancient daoists observed that when people are in pain, they instinctively grasp themselves where they hurt. This became the basis for tui na, in turn developing into many healing manipulations. I personally witness this same instinctive phenomenon. When people describe their pain or are asked what is bothering them, quite often they touch the area of pain unconsciously.

This practice is not to be confused with Swedish or western types of massage, which are interpretations originating from tui na. The purpose of tui na is to move energy-chi. Those I work on feel more energized and lighter because their chi is flowing properly throughout their bodies, their minds are calmer and clearer, and they are more connected to their spirits.

Over time, stone implements and needles were used to stimulate the energetic points and meridians. This would become a specialized technique called acupuncture. I am able to use my fingers instead, as in the original practice of tui na.

This practice is a holistic, whole family treatment. Tui na can treat infants, children, adults, men and women, pregnant women, the elderly.

What makes my practice unique is the way I combine the energetic healing of chi gong with a hands-on approach to chinese medicine theories. Using all my senses, including extra-sensory perception, I can detect the different energies of the body, quite often associated with emotions in diagnosing dysfunction. Through the use of my hands, I am more personally involved and connected to those I treat and thus able to effect deeper healing.

How to Protect Yourself

I have the question, “How do I protect myself from negative energy?” asked of me quite frequently by clients and therapists. The only way I know how is by practicing an ancient style of chi gong that I was taught, especially every day. The practice creates a protective shield around your body and grounds you to the Earth while connecting to the Divine. By the way, Jesus Christ was the best exorcist ever, so ask for his help. It also helps to have a protective animal spirit as well. You should have knowledge of where negative energy attacks. Daoist holistic energy theory of the body, mind, and spirit has explicit understanding of where the evils attack. The attack usually leaves a person zapped and confused. Recognition of where it came from is the first step. Sage, frankincense and myrrh are good too. Lately I found a good church that burns them during the service, its cleansing. Oh yeah don’t forget the crystals. This is something that has to be taught in person. Contact me for more info.

Fall color leaf’s spiral vibrations

Observe the colorful leaves as they spiral down to the ground. The leaves still on the branches move back and forth in the wind making a half-spiral twist, mesmerized in shimmer, appearing to be a form of communication from the tree itself, continuing their last energetic stimulation of water and energy inside from which branch it clings before the end of the season, providing the energy and movement for photosynthesis. This movement thus also breaks it free to spiral down to join those who have fallen before. I can see the ancients realization of energy in the body by the study of trees and leaves.

Matter Energy Spirit

Everything in the universe is energy(chi). All energy is either yin or yang. All energy is guided by the divine will and intention of God.

By observing that our universe is more than just the physical world we see, that everything is vibrational energy on many levels, designed by a higher power than ours, realization of a universal connection is possible.